5 inspiring female travellers who are killing it right now – IOL

Despite people unable to travel the last couple of months due to the Covid-19 pandemic, influencers have still kept the travel fires burning.

In celebration of Women’s Month, here are five female travellers who are killing it right now:

Jessica Nabongo

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CUBA APPRECIATION POST⁣ ⁣ I miss your colors and your energy. The vibe when I step out of the airport and feel that I have arrived in another world. The green lands and rolling hills of Viñales. The care with which cigar rollers twirl the delicate paper. I miss your smells, fresh fruit in the market, the salt water of the Caribbean at Playa Santa Maria. I miss the sounds, the feet dancing salsa on wooden floors in the studio, the yelling of young men playing football in the streets, the blaring of music on street corners. I miss your people, your beautiful black people that I feel a kinship with, all of those who welcomed me with open arms with my broken spanish, who I connected with heart to heart in the absence of tongues. I miss your rum, the mojitos and the sweet sips of a seven year añejo. I miss your sun rays on skin and the joys of dancing in your streets. I miss the detail of your architecture, colorful and faded, showing your stored history, both colonial yet uniquely Cuban. Cuba, I miss you. When you allow me I will run into your arms, I know you will hug me back! ⁣ ⁣ Yup, that’s how much I love Cuba. Check #catchmeincuba for past trips and info. Five Things To Do in Cuba on my blog!

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Jessica Nabongo became the first black woman to visit every country in the world. Her blog Catch Me If You Can have inspired thousands to travel the world. She also created Jet Black, a boutique luxury travel company that hosts group trips and curates itineraries to countries in Africa, Central and South America and the Caribbean.

“To travel just means to leave your home. You don’t need to go halfway across the world. You can travel a hundred miles from your home—got to a new city in your state, or go to the next state over,” she told Forbes last year.

Noxolo Kapela aka Black Case Girl

Noxolo Kapela is no stranger to the South African travel scene. Known as Black Case Girl, Kapela showcases the beauty of the country and her hiking adventures. During the lockdown, the founder of Adventure Travel Tribe created an Instagram Live series where she chats to the country’s top travellers.

She revealed on her website: “Travelling and discovering the world has always been my desire. In my life journey, I was lucky to have crossed paths with people that shared the same love for travelling as me. They inspire me everyday. I am mainly an adventure seeker with the aim to hike in every city and country I visit. This is a great way to also learn about the different cultures,” she revealed on her website. (sic).

Tara Whiteman aka Tara Milk Tea

If you scroll through Tara Whiteman’s Instagram page, you will be instantly transported to luxury destinations. She takes her 1,3 million fans on ‘journeys’ to Lake Tekapo in New Zealand, Mallorca and Tokyo, to name a few.

“Tara’s goal has always been about living life to the fullest and creating her own happiness, which is why she has pursued entrepreneurial roles and chased what she loves doing from a young age. Having grown her online audience to over one million people, she hopes to inspire others to do the same,” it states on her website.(sic).


Founder Farirai Sanyika has one mission: to empower more Africans to travel their country and the world. The colourful feed takes travellers from the iconic Blyde River Canyon Nature Reserve to the picturesque Bilene in Mozambique.

“After I graduated, I took a trip to Mauritius. I couldn’t believe that the water was really that blue and I felt so at peace. That was the trip that sparked my travel obsession,” she said on her website.

“I went from holidaying in Mauritius to working and living in a small, industrial town called Secunda in Mpumalanga, South Africa. That was rough! Over a long weekend, I ventured deeper into the province and discovered the beauty of Mpumalanga. I was AMAZED. Exploring South Africa has since been my joy,” she added (sic).

Camps Bay Girl

Carlinn, most commonly known as Camps Bay Girl, has some pretty stunning images on her Instagram page, which will entice any traveller to plan a trip post-Covid-19. Carlinn shares stunning images of her around the world, from Egypt, Mozambique, Cape Town and Mauritius.