A Gift Guide for Money Lovers & Financially Savvy Folks – OZY


Because even money lovers and money-havers deserve gifts too.

It’s an ancient dilemma that’s become even more layered in this age of quarantine and social distancing. What do you get someone who has enough of everything, especially money, or is sufficiently financially savvy to buy anything they want?

Try these brilliant but usually overlooked options.

Dice Brass Cufflinks

Dice Brass Cufflinks

The pandemic has kept everyone mostly indoors without a reason to throw on the best of outfits and hit red carpets or corporate dinners. And that can sometimes feel like a massive buzzkill. Still, it’s no excuse not to show up on Zoom meetings looking glam. Spice up your boss’ quarantine fashion so they can roll into meetings with these sophisticated brass dice cufflinks.

Custom Wax Seal Stamp

Nothing says sophisticated and powerful like a bespoke invitation, commemoration or consolation card, and this handcrafted wax seal stamp further adds a touch of vintage class. Dazzle a friend with this gift and the ability to transform something as mundane as initials into magnificent art.

Wireless Presenter with Red Laser

Just take it from us: It’s as badass as it sounds. It’s also the perfect gift for a C-suite executive to help them work some magic from their favorite chair during a small in-house, in-person presentation.

Leo Metal Wall Decoration

If you’re as tired as we are of the drab backgrounds that make Zoom meetings feel like a chore, then feel free to purchase this inspiring metal wall decoration for the study or home office of a colleague, spouse or art collector friend. Then sit back and watch the transformation of their background and work attitude as they go about world domination.

Wooden Piggybank

This entire pandemic period has been one prolonged rainy day very few people expected, and almost every facet of life has been impacted. What better time to start teaching your children and children of your loved ones about preparing for the next rainy day in style? This sleek, wooden piggybank could be just the thing for inspiring them to start saving from a young age.

Fashion Credit Card Holder

Finance gurus say it’s a great idea to have your line of sight trained on your line of credit. We advise that this tip also be taken literally — and fancifully too. Gift this clutch to your friend who deserves to look clutch on their journey to financial sustainability.

Working Dad Hoodie

Know what’s an adorable work-from-home trend? Toddlers and infants butting into conference calls and TV interviews regularly. Know what else is adorable? This cute working dad hoodie that normalizes the trend. Gift one to someone who’s had to swap business class bins for their home study and the lovable distractions of their unsuspecting children.

Black Carbon Fiber Cigar Storage Tube

The gift of a Cuban cigar storage tube is underrated for the pockets of happiness it brings and its sense of exoticness. And that makes it a great gift both for aesthetics and the functionality of protecting Cuban cigars from the elements of air, water and fire, while not in use.