Aged and Rare Cuban Cigar Online Auction Platform launches – Cigar Journal

FOH Auctions, a rare and vintage Cuban cigar online auction platform has been officially launched by Rob Ayala, CEO of Australia-based Cuban cigar retailer Friends of Habanos.

Commencing in May this year, the online operation allows members to buy and sell on a daily basis and has successfully auctioned over 250 boxes of cigars so far according to Ayala. The highest priced auction item has been a box of Cohiba Gran Reservas which sold under the hammer for USD$ 5000.00

“Simply, FOH Auctions is a 24/7 safe house exchange for aged, vintage, and rare Cuban cigars in a manner that the market has not seen previously,” said Ayala. “Our vision is to deliver a transparent cigar exchange where technology and member vigilance come together to deliver aged and vintage cigars in a secure trading environment.”

Phase 1 of FOH Auctions is restricted to the sale of Friends of Habanos’ client-owned stock that is stored in Friends of Habanos’ secure storage facility in Australia.

“Client-owned stock held in Friends of Habanos’ storage comprised of some 5000 boxes. Storage is meticulous at 16 degrees Celsius and 68% relative humidity,” said Ayala.

Phase 2 of FOH Auctions will permit approved external members to list stock held outside of the locker system, while Phase 3 will see FOH Auctions become a 24/7 global cigar exchange.

FOH Auctions: