Alabama fans sent us cigar photos from all over the world after the big win at Tennessee –

Alabama fans lit up victory cigars in Neyland Stadium and all over the country after the 48-17 win over Tennessee, and they sent us photo evidence.

We got pics from across the state, country and world moments after Bama beat the Vols.

Check out all the pics the Tide faithful sent us.

Katherine Frisby

Blake Kilgore, Emily Drexler, Kat Frisby, Jerrad Funderburk in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. (Courtesy of Kat Frisby)

Carmel Lawhorn

Carmel Lawhorn, Jessica Jeffreys, Ella Jeffreys and RuRu and Tide of Leighton, Ala. (Courtesy of Carmel Lawhorn)

Chris Johnson

Courtesy of Chris Johnson

Stephune Waites

Courtesy of Stephune Waites

Terry Harp

Courtesy of Terry Harp

Kyla Bell

“Celebrating Alabama Christmas style.” (Courtesy of Kyla Bell)

Shannon Adkins

Courtesy of Shannon Adkins

Shannon Adkins

Courtesy of Shannon Adkins


Courtesy of AJ4UA

Alabama cigar

Courtesy of Drew G

Alabama cigar

Courtesy of Drew G

Alabama cigar

Courtesy of Drew G

J Kilgore

“Watched the game with my family here in Tarpon Springs Florida. BAMA class of 89.” (Courtesy of J. Kilgore)

Mark Berry

“Never gets old. Roll Tide Roll Mark in Hartselle, Ala.” (Courtesy of Mark Berry)

Carl Hardy

Courtesy of Carl Hardy

Alabama cigar

Courtesy photo

Nash Taylor

“LIGHT IT UP!!!” (Courtesy of Nash Taylor)

Anthony in Slidell

“Bama wins again -From Anthony in Slidell, La.” (Courtesy of Anthony)

Jim S

“The Ghost of Bear Bryant in the background.” (Courtesy of Jim S

Jeff Berry

(Courtesy of Jeff Berry)

Jeff Berry

Jeff, Lane, Lee Berry and Kali Copeland. (Courtesy of Jeff Berry)


The Rowans in Boaz, Ala. (Courtesy of Roger Rowan)

David Guinn

“Roll Tide from Neyland Stadium (Bryant-Denny North)! David Guinn, Knoxville, TN.” (Courtesy of David Guinn)

Tim Sauls

Tim Sauls. (Courtesy of Teresa Sauls)

Prentis Davis

Courtesy of Prentis Davis

Teresa Sauls

Tim Sauls. (Courtesy of Teresa Sauls)

Tommy Suggs

Courtesy of Tommy Suggs

Kathy Ponder

Courtesy of Kathy Ponder

John Kelsoe

Courtesy of John Kelsoe

Jay Leslie

Jay and Michelle Leslie from Andalusia at Neyland Stadium. (Courtesy of Jay Leslie)

Graham cigar

Graham Flanagan with newborn son in Charlottesville, Va. (Courtesy of Graham Flanagan)

Tony Faulkner

“Roll Tide from Tuscumbia.” (Courtesy of Tony Faulkner)

Julie Thompson

Courtesy of Julie Thompson

Dana Bost

“My husband David Bost has his going!” (Courtesy of Dana Bost)

William Dickinson

Courtesy of William Dickinson

Steve Dolan

“Tuscaloosa native, living in Bowling Green, Ky. RTR!!” (Courtesy of Steve Dolan)

Thomas Schellinger

“Thomas Schellinger says Roll Tide!” (Courtesy of Thomas Schellinger)

Michael Lyons

Courtesy of Michael Lyons

Michael Lyons

Courtesy of Michael Lyons

Bama Copeland

Darden “Bama” Copeland in Montgomery, Ala. (Courtesy of Darden Copeland)

Wes Moss

“Victory Cigar against ‘Low Down Snitches.'” (Courtesy of Wes Moss)

Jeff Murphy

“Jeff and Stephane Murphy in Big Sandy, Tenn.” (Courtesy of Jeff Murphy)

Jerry Robinson

Jerry Robinson, Gulf Shores, Ala. (Courtesy of Jerry Robinson)

Beth Robinson

Courtesy of Beth Robinson

Robert Milam

Courtesy of Robert Milam

Wade and Seth Seamon

Wade and Seth Seamon

Noah Hurst

Courtesy of Noah Hurst

Jimmy Godfrey

Courtesy of Jimmy Godfrey

Rick White

(Courtesy of Rick White)

Christopher Chandler

Courtesy of Christopher Chandler

Chris Davis

“Roll Tide from Buford, GA.” (Courtesy of Chris Davis)

Joshua Gregory

Courtesy of Joshua Gregory

Peyton Yarborough

Peyton Yarborough & Emsley Lambert. (Courtesy of Peyton Yarborough)

Dama Nichols

Courtesy of Dama Nichols

Evan Tomlinson

“Roll Tide from California.” (Courtesy of Evan Tomlinson)

Afghanistan cigar

“All the way from Afghanistan.” (Courtesy)

Edward Wilson

“Beating UT Victory Cigar Never Gets Old.” (Edward Wilson)

Zac Bond

Courtesy of Zac Bond

Jake Sims

Courtesy of Jake Sims

Vickey Plant

Courtesy of Vickey Plant

Hunter Reese

Hunter, Brenda and Jim in Helena, Ala. (Courtesy of Hunter Reese)

Vickey Plant

Courtesy of Vickey Plant

Vickey Plant

Courtesy of Vickey Plant


“Justin enjoying a victory cigar. 14 years and counting. Long live the Streak. (Courtesy photo)

Don Barron

Courtesy of Don Barron

Suzy Conerly

Scott Wynn and Ian Conerly both of Fort Payne, Ala. (Courtesy of Suzy Conerly)

Mike Munas

Courtesy of Mike Munas

William Nuckols

“Col. Willie Nuckols, US Army, Retired
Phenix City, Ala.” (Courtesy of William Nuckols)

Caleb Hindman

Courtesy of Caleb Hindman

Nathan Shropshire

Courtesy of Nathan Shropshire

Nancy Smith

Courtesy of Nancy Smith

Joe Day

Joe Day in Pensacola, Fla. (Courtesy of Joe Day)

Bobby Fricks

Courtesy of Bobby Fricks

John Masingill

Courtesy of John Masingill

Jim Nelson

From Vestavia Hills. (Courtesy of Jim Nelson)

Greg Ellis

Greg Ellis in Huntington Beach, Ca. (Courtesy)

Tiffany Cato

“Ethan Cato, Maggie Ardesia in Knoxville, TN.” (Courtesy of Tiffany Cato)

Craig Kornegay

From left: Ethan Wells, Paxton Ellenburg, Tyler Ellenburg, Waylon Welk, Craig Kornegay. In Wicksburg, Ala. (Courtesy of Craig Kornegay)

Andrew Fuller

Andrew Fuller in Gadsden, Ala. (Courtesy)

Rich Valentine

“Prayers up for Waddle.” (Courtesy of Rich Valentine)

Vince Blackmon

Courtesy of Vince Blackmon

Melanie Lively

“Melanie Lively, From Oliver Springs TN” (Courtesy)

Amber Sing

“From Blount County TN. Just outside of Knoxville.” (Courtesy of Amber Sing)

Elijah Hagan

“Roll tire from ky. Waddle we are with you!” (Courtesy of Elijah Hagan)

Kelley Bradshaw Warner

“RTR and prayers for Waddle!” (Courtesy of Kelley Bradshaw Warner)

Buddy Hagler

Buddy Hagler from Texas. (Courtesy)

Tina Hickman

Courtesy of Tina Hickman

Brandon Cash

Courtesy of Brandon Cash

Kerry Bryson

Courtesy of Kerry Bryson

Johnny Huffman

Courtesy of Johnny Huffman

Scott Alexander

“From Tucson, Arizona. Bama class of 2009.” (Courtesy of Scott Alexander)

Justin Ward

“Prayers for Waddle 17.” (Courtesy of Justin Ward)

LaDarryl Bull Pierce

“Roll Tide from DeSoto Texas!!!” (Courtesy of LaDarryl Bull Pierce)

Tyee Cren

Courtesy of Tyee Cren

Steven Ingram

Courtesy of Steven Ingram

Justin Crisler

“#smokeemforwaddle” (Courtesy of Justin Crisler)

Chris Maute

Courtesy of Chris Maute

Corie Penny

“Roll Tide from Atlanta, GA.” (Courtesy of Corie Penny)

Bart King

“Charleston SC” (Courtesy of Bart King)

Robert Ladnier

Courtesy of Robert Ladnier

Tammie Lynn Celotti

Courtesy of Tammie Lynn Celotti

Michael B Huwar

Courtesy of Michael B Huwar

Rhea R Wimbley

Courtesy of Rhea R Wimbley

Jeff Chappell

Courtesy of Jeff Chappell

Jason Rockett

Jason Rockett from Hueytown. (Courtesy)

Tracy Hill

“Amanda Tidmore, Lisa Zimmerman, Sherri Richardson, Tracy Hill, Killen, AL. ROLL TIDE” (Courtesy of Tracy Hill)

Joshua Murner

Courtesy of Joshua Murner

Brittany Carl

“My fiancé and I enjoying our victory cigars. Both of us graduated from Alabama, but met at an alumni bar in Seattle! We now reside in Huntsville, AL. Roll tide!! Brittany and Scott (soon to be) Phelts.” (Courtesy of Brittany Carl)

Dersi Johnson

“Ashley Johnson, Birmingham Alabama. Smoke ’em if you got ’em.” (Courtesy of Ashley Johnson)

Tami Stafford

Courtesy of Tami Stafford

Anson Blackburn

Courtesy of Anson Blackburn

Melissa Hinton McBride

Courtesy of Melissa Hinton McBride

Chrissy Davis Skinner

Courtesy of Chrissy Davis Skinner

John Bromley III

“Pineville Louisiana. Roll Tide.” (Courtesy of John Bromley III)

Cassie Jenkins Sansonia

Courtesy of Cassie Jenkins Sansonia

Alesia B. Windham

Courtesy of Alesia B. Windham

William Naler

Courtesy of William Naler

Kyle Elrod

Courtesy of Kyle Elrod

Duy Tran

Courtesy of Duy Tran

Fred Mason

Courtesy of Fred Mason

Mike Concho

Courtesy of Mike Concho

David Swinford

David Swinford from Chattanooga, Tenn. (Courtesy)

Frank Westhoff

Courtesy of Frank Westhoff

Josh Harkey

Courtesy of Josh Harkey

Michael Fetner

Courtesy of Michael Fetner

Kenneth T Compton

Courtesy of Kenneth T Compton

Darrel Poties

Courtesy of Darrel Poties

John Smith

Courtesy of John Smith

Casey Roberts

Courtesy of Casey Roberts

Lynne Abrasley Paugh

Morgan Paugh and Avery Wood. (Courtesy of Lynne Abrasley Paugh)

Howard Upton

Courtesy of Howard Upton

Jamie Epperson Suran

“Smokin’ in Colorado Springs! Roll Tide! Jamie & Pierre.” (Courtesy of Jamie Epperson Suran)

Jack Ponder

The Ponder family in Munford. (Courtesy of Jack Ponder)

Jack Channell

Joel Channell in Romulus, Ala. (Courtesy)

Bubba Hester

Bubba Hester in Louisville, Ky. (Courtesy)

Joshua Dorminey

Courtesy of Joshua Dorminey

Brandon Bryant

Courtesy of Brandon Bryant

Brooklyn Schwetje

Courtesy of Brooklyn Schwetje

Carson Aaron

“ROLL TIDE ROLL.” (Courtesy of Carson Aaron)

Barbara Newsome

Courtesy of Barbara Newsome

Joe Forehand

Joe Forehand in San Felipe, Baja, Calif. (Courtesy)

Ryne Ashley

Ryne Ashley in Cullman, Ala. (Courtesy)

Jarrod Hewes

Courtesy of Jarrod Hewes

Jarrod Hewes

Courtesy of Jarrod Hewes

Jarrod Hewes

Courtesy of Jarrod Hewes

Brian Chatham

Courtesy of Brian Chatham

Janean Buchner

Potomac Falls, Virginia. (Courtesy of Janean Buchner with Bentley Buchner)

Lori King

Courtesy of Lori King

korey adams

Korey Adams in Pell City, Ala. (Courtesy)

Brett Sams

Brett Sams in Houston, Texas. (Courtesy)

Erroll Hickenbottom

Courtesy of Erroll Hickenbottom

Carlton Hamilton

“Nothing like a good Cuban cigar after a victory at Neyland stadium!!!! Roll Tide Baby.” (Courtesy of Carlton Hamilton)

Tony Howard

“Roll Tide Roll.” (Courtesy of Tony Howard)

Eric Davis

“Frisco, TX . ROLL TIDE!!!” (Courtesy of Eric Davis)

Ashley Kalogeras

“Roll tide from Chicago!” (Courtesy of Ashley Kalogeras)

Bart Frederick

Courtesy of Bart Frederick

Donna Lee

Courtesy of Donna Lee

Gary Freeman

Courtesy of Gary Freeman

Evan Underwood

Courtesy of Evan Underwood

Hamid H Haqq

Courtesy of Hamid H Haqq

Paul B Howard

Courtesy of Paul B Howard

Corey LaBounty

Corey LaBounty in Mobile, Ala. (Courtesy)

"Curt Galusha, Alabama ‘82 Alumni. Batavia, IL, a suburb of Chicago." (Courtesy)

Courtesy of Curt Galusha

Tryz Sn Mrtn

Courtesy of Tryz Sn Mrtn

Malinda Hinton

Courtesy of Malinda Hinton

Chris Hardin

Courtesy of Chris Hardin

Daniel Hall

Courtesy of Daniel Hall

Joshua Benjamin

Courtesy of Joshua Benjamin

Kyle Mixon

Courtesy of Kyle Mixon

Manny Carter

Courtesy of Manny Carter

Marcus Harries

Courtesy of Marcus Harries

David Oliver

Courtesy of David Oliver

Josh Herron

Courtesy of Josh Herron

Kendall Jacobs

Courtesy of Kendall Jacobs

Michael Sellers

Courtesy of Michael Sellers

Kevin Cummings

Courtesy of Kevin Cummings

Hunter Lawson

Courtesy of Hunter Lawson

Brandon Ray

Courtesy of Brandon Ray

Eric Simpson

Courtesy of Eric Simpson

Marcus Laster

Courtesy of Marcus Laster

Stephanie Wilson

Courtesy of Stephanie Wilson

Joey Harris

Courtesy of Joey Harris

David Lewis

Courtesy of David Lewis

Dustin Colburn

Courtesy of Dustin Colburn

Brad Pitts

Courtesy of Brad Pitts

David Davanzati

Courtesy of David Davanzati

Pamela Barfield Chambers

Courtesy of Pamela Barfield Chambers

Allen Hollie Jr.

Courtesy of Allen Hollie Jr.

Keith Lamont Jones

Courtesy of Keith Lamont Jones

Bryan Barrentine

Courtesy of Bryan Barrentine

James Pearson

Courtesy of James Pearson

Linda Green Knight

Courtesy of Linda Green Knight

Gina Wyckoff

Courtesy of Gina Wyckoff

Jermaine Ervin

Courtesy of Jermaine Ervin

Billy Gray

Courtesy of Billy Gray


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