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Originally released in four sizes, the Aladino Maduro is now available in a Corona format. In 2017, The Cigar Authority named the original Aladino our Cigar of the Year. Not since Kasey Kasem hosted the Top 40 has there been a succession of hits like this. In 2018 came the Maduro, 2019 the Corojo Reserva and 2020 the Cameroon. Additionally, this year saw the Maduro get a line extension with the introduction of the Corono

Cigar Review: Aladino Maduro
Wrapper: San Andres Maduro
Binder: Honduras (100% Authentic Corojo)
Filler: Honduras (100% Authentic Corojo)
Length: 5″ 
Ring Gauge: 44
Vitola: Corona

The Look: Aladino Maduro comes packaged in 20 count boxes featuring inside lid artwork from an old Cuban magazine that takes us back to the glory days of cigars when gentlemen would wear suits fedora’s. The Maduro box has a more luxurious feel to it as its features a stained wood, and silver foil whereas the original release is unfinished cedar box with the brand and size burned into it. Inside, the 20 Cazador box pressed cigars are packaged in two rows of 10. The band feels like it is placed a bit high not he cigar, and the San Andres wrapper is flawless. It feels toothy under the fingers, with a hefty weight for the size and a well packed foot.

The Notes: Once we clip the cap on the cigar there is a cold draw is loaded with cedar and an abundance with licorice. The aroma off the foot and wrapper has a subtle high-end chocolate and more cedar. Once the cigar is lit, the first note is smooth cedar that is also present on the aroma.

Moving into the first third the cedar are dominant with nuances of mocha and licorice and a touch of earth. The licorice component becomes dominant at times but it works better when it lingers in the background which it does for the majority. As the first third some espresso begins to develop as the cigar loses its mocha sweetness.

The second third has has the espresso become dominant with cedar being a close second. Additionally, there is a hint of licorice that fades by the half way point as the cigar sees earth become more intense. The retrohale has a hearty aroma of wood and black pepper which linger on the finish which lingers for a moderate amount of time.

The last third of the Aladino Maduro sees earth become the dominant flavor profile with a touch of espresso and cedar both of which are noticeable on the aroma of the cigar and the retrohale where it is also joined by black pepper.

The Finish: The corona size does justice to the Aladino Maduro and it might be my favorite size in the line. It’s an enjoyable smoke with nice flavor changes throughout. This is a brand that is firing on all cylinders across all the cigars in the portfolio. No matter what cigar you choose the Aladino Original, Maduro, Corojo Reserva or the Cameroon you just can’t go wrong.

Score: 95
Price: $6.69 / $116.99

Aladino Maduro Corona

Aladino Maduro Corona Foot