Author explores the making of a revolutionary Fidel Castro | Gazette – Gazette

A UNIVERSITY lecturer turned author has published an interesting new book based on the life and historical impact of a revolutionary leader.

Steven Walker, of Sunny Point, Walton, has just unveiled his latest paperback, entitled Fidel Castro – Psychology of a Revolutionary.

The book, which has been self-published, delves deeply and specifically into the entire backstory of famous Cuban prime minister, Fidel Castro.

Mr Walker, a psychotherapist and visiting lecturer at the University of Essex, wanted to explore why Castro became the man, and political figure, he did.

He therefore researched everything from his early childhood and parental influences, to his time in school and any traumatic or painful moments Castro experienced.

“The book was delivered on June 26, which is the exact date Fidel Castro and his guerrilla fighters landed in Cuba to commence their struggle to liberate Cuba,” he said.

“As a psychotherapist, specialising in children and young people, I have researched Castro to unearth the formative experiences that helped shape the psychology and personality of the man he became.”

The Cuban nationalist, who died in 2016, is celebrated by many for implementing top healthcare, lowering the infant mortality rate, and improving literacy standards.

But parts of his reign were seen as controversial and dictatorial, such as his suppression of freedom of expression and questionable approach to human rights.

Mr Walker hopes his book, however, will help people gain a far better and more informed understanding of exactly who Fidel Castro was.

“The popular images of Castro with a cigar and wearing military uniform, combined with his label as a Marxist dictator, are rather misleading,” he said.

“So, my book provides a more rounded picture of one of the 20th century’s most iconic political figures.”

Steven Walker’s Fidel Castro – Psychology of a Revolutionary is available now from