Cohiba is a current post-Revolution brand, established in 1966. It is classified by Habanos SA as their Global flagship brand, and has a major market share and is sold at a premium price.

The tobacco is the best available from the premium Vuelta Abajo region. The Seco & Ligero filler leaf is given an exclusive third fermentation. The Classic & Behike range comprise medium to full strength cigars and the Siglo & Maduro range comprise medium strength cigars. There is a non-Cuban brand with the same name.

Standard Production Cigars
Three cigars were commercially released in 1984.
The Classic range was introduced in 1989, incorporating the original three cigars.
The Siglo range was developed in 1992 and became commercially available in early 1994.
The Maduro range was released in 2007.
The Behike range was released in 2010.

Special Releases
Special releases commenced in 1996 with the release of the 30 Aniversario Humidor & Jar. Since then there have been numerous special releases.

In 1963 Cohiba started out as a Fuma (a cigar rolled by a torcedor for his own use) that was offered to Fidel Castro. It immediately became Fidel’s favorite. In 1964, a small factory was set up to make these cigars. Production was later moved to the present El Laguito Factory. This original cigar was an unnamed Laguito No.1, and in 1967, two addition sizes were added....a Laguito No.2 and a Laguito No.3. The cigar brand remained unnamed until 1966, when it was officially named Cohiba. In 1969 the three cigars were given commercial names and the packaging and band designs finalised (see Standard Band A).