Casa Cuevas Cigars Now Available In Australia – Cigar Journal

Casa Cuevas Cigars recently announced that their cigars are now available in Australia through Perth-based online retailer Hecho A Mano .  

“My love of cigars and the lack of diversity of premium handmade cigars in the Australian market is what led me to create Hecho A Mano,” said Ry LeFerve, CEO of Hecho A Mano. “We feel that the Casa Cuevas brand is a perfect fit for our customers. We are more than excited to work alongside the Cuevas family and offer the Casa Cuevas line of cigars to the Australian market.”

“Australia is a new market for Casa Cuevas Cigars, and we feel confident that Hecho a Mano is a perfect fit for our brand,” Luis Cuevas Jr., President of Casa Cuevas Cigars. Cuban born Master Blender Luis Cuevas Sr. has been blending cigars from his factory in the Dominican Republic for many popular cigar brand.  Since 2016, with son Luis Cuevas Jr., Casa Cuevas Cigars has honored the family’s five-generation cigar heritage.

Hecho A Mano’s founder Ry Le Ferve and his wife had discussed the idea of starting a cigar business that specialised in different lines that are harder to get in Australia for years, but 2020 was the year to act on their ideas. “At the beginning of 2020 when COVID-19 took full effect, my wife was forced to temporarily close her business due to the pandemic, and I guess she must have been bored, so she switched her focus to pushing me to fulfil my dream of opening a boutique cigar business,” said LeFerve. “We had already worked through the majority of the business plan so it was all but set to go. We had already agreed that initially Hecho A Mano would focus mainly on online sales and wholesale to begin with. Once everything in the world calms down we will look to open a brick-and-mortar store.”

LeFerve notes that he wanted Hecho A Mano to be a down to earth business that truly puts its customers first and that is why he believes the alignment with Casa Cuevas has been so easy. “We both have a similar outlook,” said LeFerve. “To start with I will be testing different Vitolas and line from Casa Cuevas to see what the Australian market takes to, my aim will be to have a steady and full supply of the Casa Cuevas lines moving into the future. Including any limited-edition lines that come out such as the La Mandarria.”