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Casdagli Cigars has announced that it has entered into a distribution agreement with Nordic Cigars that will bring a pair of limited production cigars to Norway.

Those cigars are the Daughters of the Wind Enigma and the D’Boiss DB52, two cigars that had previously only been available in select stores. They arrived in the country on Wednesday and should be appearing on store shelves in the coming days.


The Daughters of the Wind Enigma was originally launched in Dec. 2020 and had only been available at Club Mareva Beirut of Lebanon. It is a 7 1/2 x 49 double corona that uses an Ecuadorian wrapper and an undisclosed binder and filler. It is made in Costa Rica at the IGM Cigars factory and offered in 10-count boxes. Additionally, the cigars have been rested for six years prior to their release.

“When laying these double coronas down to age six years ago I wanted to limit this production to only 2,000 exclusive cigars,” said Jeremy Casdagli, founder of Casdagli Cigars, via a press release. He called the Enigma is “a blend that joins both my past and current journey in the world of premium tobacco,” adding that his favorite cigar in the mid-1990s was the Cuban-made Hoyo De Monterrey Double Corona, and that the Enigma has hints of that cigar.

When the cigar was originally announced, Vlada Sojanov, the company’s U.S. distributor told halfwheel that there was a chance that a small number of them might be sold in the U.S. in 2021, though that has not been announced yet. If it does, availability figures to be very limited as the company is limiting production to just 4,000 cigars per year.

The D’Boiss DB52 is a 4 3/4 x 52 robusto that is part of the company’s Daughters of the Wind line, and thus also uses an Ecuadorian wrapper and undisclosed binder and filler, and is produced at the IGM Cigars factory in Costa Rica.

It, too, had previously had very limited availability, having been offered exclusively at the D’Boiss Club Bespoke concept store in Tallinn, Estonia since its launch in April 2019. That store is also the home of the Bespoke Cigar Lounge by Casdagli. Its name is inspired by the poker nights hosted regularly by D’Boiss Club, with 52 referring to the number of cards in a deck.

In addition to Casdagli, Nordic Cigars also distributes Fratello, Cavalier Genève, Boveda, Dunbarton Tobacco & Trust, Padrón, Illusione, La Galera, Warped, Foundation Cigar Co. and RoMa Craft, among several others.

Images courtesy of Casdagli Cigars.

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