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The red-white-and-blue, striped-and-starred flag of Cuba has been its official standard for 118 years. For a half century before that, it was a rallying point for the ideals of liberty. It even evoked a never realized desire to join the United States. Now, it serves another purpose as a popular motif for leather cases that celebrate the island nation’s most exulted export: cigars.

Not that you have to be Cuban to show your appreciation for the motherland of premium cigars. Patrick Fallon certainly isn’t. The French Hermés alum used his skills as a luxury leather smith to create the three-finger, Fallon Nixes Cuba case (shown at top right, 1,590 euros or $1,868). The nearly seamless leather-on-leather composition is handmade in France of buffalo hide and depicts the Cuban flag on one side, the American flag on the other.

As with the Fallon case, each star and stripe of VSB London’s Cuban Flag Leather Cigar Pouch (bottom, £159.95 or $208) is individually stitched onto the case. It’s made of sturdy calf’s leather and creates a stunning contrast with its blue bottom half. A silky, red velvet lining helps to protect your puros.

If you want to fly the flag more economically, the case from The Cigar Holder London (top left, £49.99 or $65) will be your best option. The flag pattern is boldly printed directly onto the leather with a durable ink that pops brilliantly. Stitching is tight and seams are heavily edge-coated, making for solid construction.

Though the scale and style of each design differs, all three can be easily spotted across the room and are sure to start a conversation.

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