Days of our Lives Recap: Gwen Spies on Gabi & Finds Jake With Her –

At SPD, Lani feels a twinge in her abdomen, so she and Eli head to the hospital.

At the hospital, Sarah receives a call from Xander who asks her out on a date. She smiles and flirts and agrees to it. Xandy lets out an excited cheer once they disconnect. Eli and Lani arrive with their concerns. Sarah gets Lani a room. She does an ultrasound and tells them they’re having twins. They look at each other, in shock, and try to digest it. The twinge is probably the babies kicking. Sarah congratulates them and goes, while Lani smiles and Eli’s jaw is still on the floor as he processes. They start freaking out. Where do they put the second crib? How does she breastfeed two kids at once?

elani learn they are having twins days

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Jack receives a call from Jennifer who says they oversold her flight and she’ll be home in the morning. They miss each other and say I love you before they disconnect. Jack goes outside where Xander is. Xander updates Jack on reuniting with Sarah and the misunderstanding with the masseuse, who Sarah thought was a hooker. He’s positively giddy as he tells Jack that they went to Ben and Ciara’s wedding together. He calls it amazing, but the best part was how well things went between them after the explosion. As he talks, he starts to become nervous. What if he blows it? Jack talks him down and after Xander goes, Jack heads back inside and is surprised by Jennifer, who made it home after all. They embrace.

Chad meets Kate at the square. She gets on him about unloading strangers in their house. She found Gwen lounging on Lucas’ bed and asks why she’s staying there. Chad says it’s so she can spy on Gabi. Kate gets it since Gabi’s a schemer, but asks what specifically he wants. Chad knows Gabi still wants to be CEO of DiMera and has stepped up her game by working with Li Shin. Chad admits Gwen can’t stand Gabi and doesn’t mind spying. Kate thinks Chad’s preoccupied because of Abigail.

kate and chad at square days

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At the DiMera house, Gwen sneaks into Gabi’s room. When Gabi appears, she hides in her closet. Gabi calls Shin just as Jake steps into her room, clad in only a towel. He’s looking for soap. Gabi notices Jake’s still working at the garage and he snaps when she talks about what a “cheap whore” Gwen is, eating bon bons all day and using all the soap for luxurious baths. In fact, Charlotte has better table manners. Jake doesn’t want her trashing his girlfriend. Gabs asks if he loves her. He says guys don’t talk about their feelings where he comes from. Gabi reminds him he opened up to her when his mother died. They leave to find soap while Gwen rants to herself and leaves the room. Chad calls and Gwen has no update for him except that Gabi talked to Shin. He’s leaving town tonight so she agrees to keep him posted. Later, Gabi goes back to her room and secretly calls Shin’s assistant to set up a meeting when Chad’s going to be out of the city. Downstairs, Gwen blurts that Jake should quit his job and asks his brother for money. Jake doesn’t want that. Gwen gets on edge. She drinks and starts up about Gabi. She knows he was in her room half-naked. He admits it but how did she know? She claims to have been exploring the house. She knows “that bitch” wants her out of the way and says Gabi’s going down if she keeps insulting her, she’s going down. Jake asks why she hasn’t already taken care of Gabi. Gwen didn’t want to give her the satisfaction. Gabi appears and questions them. Gwen deliberately gets close to Jake and breathes in his scent. She gets wine and leads him out of the room for sex.

Gabi gets an eyeful of Jake on Days of our Lives

At the condo, Steve and Kayla make out. Roman arrives and they reluctantly answer the door. He hugs them in congratulations for reuniting. Steve gives Roman a trinket from their trip and sends him on his way. They toddle off for sex.

stayla with roman days

Back at the square, Kate and Chad wonder what Gabi’s up to with that call to Shin. Kate warns that Gwen will want a bigger piece of the pie, and offers to keep an eye on things.

Roman and Kate look at their great-grandson at the hospital. Roman hands Kate a Cuban cigar and they banter, not thinking each other looks old enough to be a grandparent at all.

Chad arrives home and warns Gabi that he knows she’s planning something with Shin behind his back.

Sarah meets Xander in the square for their date.

On the next Days of our Lives: Gabi enlists Jake’s help.

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