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In this mission, you’ll assume control of Belikov. He’ll get a phone call from Adler, so create a secure connection to continue the conversation.

Adler will mention that his team is close, and request a status update. Respond however you wish, and Belikov will note of the need for a Bunker Key.

Challenge Consequence: Big Hearted

Freeing Richter in Brick in the Wall means he is also in the Lubyanka Building today. Adler will request you take him out while you are about your business.

Attend Briefing


After you disconnect the call, your presence will be requested at a briefing with Gorbachev. Get up from the desk and head out into the hall.

Turn left and walk into the large room ahead, then climb the stairs on your left and follow the walkway to the marked door.

The guard will open the door, so enter the room and take your seat on the far right side, next to Gorbachev.

You’ll be asked a question about the mole, so answer however you wish. The follow-up question will concern who should gain access to the bunker key.

Unfortunately, regardless of your answer, the only person the consultant wishes to retain a key will be General Charkov.

Once you are dismissed, get up and leave the room.

Acquire Bunker Key

Now you are free to move around and gather information, but there is something you need to do first to clear the way for future action. Open your map and mark the Camera Room.

Using this functionality will let you quickly, easily, and quietly find whichever room you need going forward, so use it liberally.

Head down the stairs and turn right. Duck into the Camera Room and close the door. Choke out the guard, then pick up his body and open the gate on the left.

Drop him in the darkest corner of the room, then pull the lever on the right side to turn off the security cameras across the entire building.

NOTE: It is important to note that this Evidence may be moved to another location if you do not go directly to the Server Room after shutting down the cameras.

To find the Evidence for this level, you’ll need to go downstairs to the Server Room. Head back outside and turn left.

Walk across the main room and into the hallway with the elevator, then turn right.

Open the door at the end of the hall, then turn left and head down the stairs. You’ll find a sign stating the Seerver Room and Lower Floor are off-limits.

At the bottom of the stairs, turn right, then look to your right to find an air duct. Open it and crawl inside, then move forward and follow the path to the left.

Once you reach the end, watch out for patrolling guards and open the gate and you’ll find yourself in the server room office.

Move to the set of desks at the center of the room and you’ll find the Evidence sitting on a desk.

Once you are done, you can stick around the area to complete Objective: Frame Charkov, or head back up top to finish some Optional Objectives and continue with our current plan.

Optional Objective: Loose Ends

Pull up your map and mark the office just above the Camera Room; the Recruitment Office. Head outside of the Camera Room and turn right. Walk to the end of the hall, then turn right again.

Make sure no guards are watching, then turn right to find the Recruitment Office door and pick the lock. Once the lock is picked, head inside to find Richter.

Pick up a cigar from the table on the left to enable a “bribe” option for the armory guard later on.

Choke him from behind to end his life, satisfying Adler’s request and prevent Richter from revealing any more secrets.

Hide his body behind the desk, then open the door and head back into the hall. Close the door behind you to put a nice bow on the whole affair.

Obtain a Bunker Key

There are several avenues you can use to obtain a Bunker Key.

  • Opportunity: Reprogram a Keycard
  • Opportunity: Poison Charkov
  • Opportunity: Frame Charkov
  • Opportunity: Persuade Prisoner

Opportunity: Reprogram a Keycard

With the cigar from the Recruitment Office, we’ll be closest to finishing the “Reprogram a Keycard” option, so turn right and walk to the end of the hall.

Speak to Rebikov at Armory Check-In to begin your negotiation. Use every “Persuade” option until he mentions the cigars.

Offer him the one you picked up in the Recruitment Office and he’ll open the Armory for you. Turn left and head to the back of the armory and pick up a blank key from the open drawer.

Head back out into the hallway, past Rebikov, and enter the first door on your left, which is the Administration room.

Close the door behind you, then wait for the guard in the next room to head to the right.

Pick the lock on the door, then sneak up behind the guard and knock him out.

Hide him in the closet in the corner of the room, then open the door at the back to reach the room with the computer you need.

Copy the key with the computer, then head out the way you came in. Once you reach the hallway, turn left.

NOTE: If you are looking at your map, you need to head to the Prison section in the lower left corner.

Follow the path back to the large, main room, then turn left again.

Walk past your office and through the metal detectors, then turn right.

Walk a short distance and turn left, then speak to the guard within the security checkpoint.

Now that you have a Bunker Key, you can tell him to let you into the lower level for a security sweep.

Follow the stairs down to the bottom floor, then take the first left. Walk through the hallway and you’ll reach the furnace room.

Radio for a security detail to meet you there, then turn left and open the gate for Adler and Bell, at which point you’ll assume control of Bell.

Obtain Uniforms

Now that you are in control of Bell, head out into the furnace room and hide behind the crates on the right, then wait for the security detail to appear.

Belikov will lead them past you, so choke them out and take their uniforms. Head to the stairs and take the long hallway out of the furnace room, then take a right when you reach the main hallway. Take the stairs up to the main floor, then turn right.

Walk to the end of the hall, past the security checkpoints, and try to open the door on the left, which will allow you to bypass security.

You’ll be stopped, so answer that you report to Sobol. Unfortunately, that isn’t enough to get you past security, so head back to the checkpoint. Wait for Adler to pass through, then go through yourself.

Place your bag down on the counter and Belikov will relieve the inspection officer on duty and clear your belongings, himself.

Proceed to the main room and follow Adler to the right. Wait for the elevator, then step inside and use the Bunker Key to gain access to the ground floor.

At the last second, you’ll have another passenger enter the elevator. When he questions you, tell him it is your first day, and that you report to Sobol to complete a Challenge. Once he leaves, you’ll change into your combat gear.

Retrieve the Intel

Once you reach the lower level, you’ll need to take out the guards in the first room. Once they’re dead, head through the hall on the right and clear those guards out as well. Watch for reinforcements from the upper levels as you proceed.

Continue clearing room by room, and continue straight. Once you’ve cleared this section and reached the far side, Adler will call you over to a hatch. Approach him and access the ventilation system to his left.

Once the gas has been placed, follow Adler through the tunnel and kill the guards you find there.

After the tunnel bends to the right, it will open into a larger room on your left. Take cover with Adler and take out the troops hiding behind the pillars.

After you’ve dispatched them all, head to the bunker door and use your keycard on the terminal just right of the door to gain access.

NOTE: On the right side of the room, there is a table with a Hand Cannon, and several other weapons, on it, as well as a crate on the floor with Proximity Mines. Grab some of those and scatter them around the room near the entrance to make the upcoming encounter easier.

Head inside and access the terminal at the center of the room. Copy the sleeper agent list to the disk and reinforcements will start to cut through the door.

Take cover behind the desk and lay into them with everything you have. If you find yourself getting flanked, take out the current wave, then approach the walls on your left or right, just inside the bunker door, and pick the enemies off from an angle as they approach.

Once they have all been killed, exit the bunker with Adler and head to the end of the hall. Since the Soviets have locked everything up, we’ll have to take another path out.

Escape with the Intel

Follow Adler to the left, then follow the tunnels until Adler opens the next hatch. Turn left and take out the guards on the walkway across the gap.

After they’re dead, follow the walkway down to the bottom, then turn right. Follow Adler through the following tunnel until you hit the next hatch. Follow him through.

Shortly after you enter this area, all the lights will turn off. Crouch and quickly move forward and find cover near the walkway overhead. Some troops will appear, advancing through the dark, so use your shotgun to make quick work of them.

Some soldiers will use flashlights, but not all of them, so always check your corners and look behind pillars and other types of cover as you advance to clear them all out.

Adler will open the hatch at the end after they’re all dead, so follow him through and head up the stairs to the left. Unfortunately, there is bad news. Belikov was found out and captured.

Blow the gas and put your mask on, then wait for it to begin working.

Adler will open the door, so rush to Belikov and put a gas mask on him, too. Once he’s back on his feet and equipped with a weapon, get ready to move.

Head forward with Adler and Belikov and take cover behind the desks on the left side. Take out the approaching guards and move forward.

Retrace your steps towards the elevator, taking out any resistance along the way. Once you near it, you’ll hear a bell and two Heavies will exit the elevator.

Use any remaining tactical gear, including proximity mines, to take them out. Belikov and Adler are a big help in this fight, so feel free to fall back if you are taking significant damage.

Once the heavy-hitters are dead, head inside the elevator and access the cache on the left to equip heavy gear and head topside.

Once you reach the main floor, you’ll throw the explosives and detonate them above a group of heavy infantry. After the explosion, time will slow down, so use that opportunity to take out the troops blocking your way.

Next, head to the main room and take out the troops to the left and right, then continue along the hall ahead to begin working your way to the exit.

Work your way to the end of the hall, then the double doors at the end will get kicked open. Continue through and soon Lazar will pull the car up.

Run to it and get in the back seat and you’ll swing your gun out to cover Adler. Two more Heavies will approach, so lay into them. Once they’re dead, your focus will pivot to behind the car.

Take out the hostiles there, then Lazar will start driving. A car will begin chasing you, so shoot the driver and fire everything.

Soon it will explode, bringing an end to it and the mission.