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The usual restrictions against tobacco are now added to those derived from the coronavirus. The opportunities to taste our favorite vitolas are narrowing and, therefore, we have brought here a quintet of short and easy puffs

Habanos for winter: short and easy tastings

In the coming months, there will not be so many opportunities that cigar fans will have to taste our favorite vitolas, so this time we have selected a quintet of vitolas with short and easy puffs. In the Habanos vitolario we have numerous references to attend to in this regard, because compared to larger formats, some Cuban cigars offer us all kinds of advantages when it comes to enjoying in a short space.

or time of different ties, strengths and flavors. And so in the search for these cigars from the most prestigious Habanos brands such as Cohiba, we could find Century II, from which we will obtain softness in its beginnings in which flavors and aromas are on par and throughout the smoke. We will perceive some very light spicy touches and some spicy traces, with a strength of three out of five. Another of the quintet’s cigars is the Hoyo de Monterrey Petit Robustos, whose smoke begins sweetish, with some hints of white pepper and certain woody notes, a great balance of flavors and aromas, with a medium-down strength character (one on five) and that shows us that you can enjoy a Cuban cigar without the need for aggressive perceptions in the mouth. The third of our selection is the Montecristo Media Corona that with just over six grams shows a good concentration of tobacco traces and with earthy notes that melt with spicy tips as combustion progresses, all with a strength of four out of five. Partagas Serie D Nº 5 is another of those chosen for these winter times that despite its small size and with good weight (8.7 grams) shows from the beginning its character, flavor and spicy tips and very good density of its smoke in the mouth , honoring the league of his older brothers of the brand itself. Finally we have chosen one of the new arrivals to the cigar cellars such as Trinidad Media Luna, which is a smooth and creamy cigar with certain woody touches in whose tasting we perceive coffee and cocoa, along with some spicy traces, with a strength of average rate of three out of five.

Cuban cigars

Hoyo de Monterrey Petit Robustos.

FORMAT: 102 millimeters in length and a 50 ring gauge. Smoke time: the proportion of length with its low tobacco content ensures 30/35 minutes of a smooth smoke. RRP: 9.4 euros each and 235 euros in boxes of 25.

Cohiba Siglo II

FORMAT: 129 millimeters in length and 42 ring gauge. Smoking time: This is a galley band called Mareva that will allow us to enjoy it for 40/45 minutes. RRP: 14.40 euros unit and 72 euros in packs of 5 cigars.

Montecristo Half Crown

FORMAT: The brand’s smallest cigar with a length of 90 millimeters and a 44 ring gauge. Smoke time: allows us to enjoy the good mix of its older brothers in just 25/30 minutes. RRP: 4.70 euros each and 117.50 euros in boxes of 25

Trinidad Crescent

FORMAT: 115 millimeters in length go well with ring gauge 50. Smoke time: get a very fluffy and very creamy smoke in just over half an hour (between 35 and 40 minutes). RRP: 11 euros per unit and 132 euros for a box of 12 cigars.

Partagas Serie D Nº 5. FORMAT

110 millimeters in length is wonderfully provided with the 50 ring gauge. Smoking time: makes your tasting a very special experience with the strength of the brand in 35/40 minutes. RRP: 9.70 euros each and 97 euros in boxes of 10. More information:


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