I am definitely not sweating Manny’s decision. Neither should you. – CanesInSight

Like the great @Cribby said, this is a “win-win”.

There can only be 2 results:

1. One scenario is it turns out to be a savage move, Manny flipping the bird to all the back-seat coaches, saying “I got this” and ends up having an outstanding 11-12 win year (yeah right)

2. The second and most likely scenario: He falls flat on his face and just fūcked himself on his best chance to be a big time head coach. He’s fired and we have a new coach by this time next year.

Now I say don’t sweat it. Why?

He either kills it, or he’s gone and maybe we get a coach committed to, and having the ability, to at the very least dominate the Coastal and then go from there.

Me, personally?

I think he’s going out with a bang, so I’ll give him props for sticking to his guns, even though it’s going to end up just like this:

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You go, Manny!

Ride that thermonuclear warhead all the way down to the bitter end.

(hope I’m wrong)