Leaf Life Lounge | Cigarfriendly: Ellenwood, GA – Cigar Journal

Down in the Southeast corner of the Atlanta metro area is a sanctuary for lovers of the leaf called Leaf Life.  Minority-owned, Leaf Life has a vibe that is an African-American/Cuban-American hybrid, which means the tobacco is on point and the love is plentiful! A big spacious sitting area greets the patron as they walk through the door, and a beautiful mural extends along the right-hand wall of the lounge that shows the blend of cultures that exists in the lounge, as well as the cigars.

Leaf Life guru, Kelvin Robinson, makes sure that the humidor stays well stocked, but with great variety.  Minority owned cigar lines are really the focus here. In addition to some local Atlanta blends, as well as some national boutique blends, there are 4 stars of the show that are the house blends at Leaf Life. The Cienfuegos is a medium blend with an Ecuadorian wrapper and Nicaraguan binder and filler. There is also the El Soldado with a Corojo wrapper and Nicaraguan filler and binder. Another star is the El Padrino, which is a beautiful, full-bodied Nicaraguan puro. And finally there is the Salomon perfecto vitola simply known as The Perfecto, which comes in both a maduro and habano wrapper with Nicaraguan filler. There is absolutely something that you’ve never smoked before available here. Variety is in fact the spice of life!

Lockers are available for $300 a year. In these lockers you can store cigars and beverages for future consumption. Also there is a unique retail area where everything from lighters, cutters and clothing to brandy snifters are sold. In my own personal opinion, the gear from Leaf Life is some of the coolest stuff I’ve ever seen.  Make sure you pick up a shirt, they are beyond cool!

Did I mention that Mr. Kelvin Robinson is also a DJ? Many nights here at Leaf Life you will be compelled to get out and dance as the music will be on and the joint will be bumpin! Entertainment is in-house, much like the unique cigars that are sold here.

So when in the Atlanta area, make your way down I-675 to Panola Road in the suburb of Ellenwood and stop in and transcend into The Leaf Life. Bring your food and beverages with you and have some grub, a drink and a smoke in the peaceful sanctuary that is Leaf Life. Your soul will thank you!

Leaf Life Lounge

1772 Panola Rd, Ellenwood, GA
30294, USA

Offers cigars: Yes
Offers alcoholic beverages: NO (only soft drinks and water)
Offers food: No
Seating: Approximately 30
Membership fee: $10