Louisville Thoroughbred Society: Be Ready to be “Floored” – The Pressbox

(The LTS’ “Private Cigar Lockers” are being installed.)

(Step into the LTS’ “Library.” In one week’s time, it will be ready for official visitors.)

Editor’s Note:

Another day. Another job. Another box checked.

Over the weekend, workers finished staining and varnishing the floor in the “Library.” Within a week, furniture and other accommodations will be moved into the stylish room and will be ready for the first “official visitors” of the new The Louisville Thoroughbred Society.

On Monday, the workers turned their attention and long-handled paint brushes to the LTS’ “Main Rooms.”

More stain.

More varnish.

More spit and shine.

The historic, hard-wood floors — which were first cut, laid and nailed into position in 1900 at the Hughes Building — are being brought back to life with a lot of love and a little lipstick.

Old fashion meet new look.

Soon, the hand-made “Humidor” will be moved into its’ final resting place — near the LTS’ Cigar Bar. The private “Cigar Lockers” — which were also chiseled by hand from Spanish Cedar — will be installed, too.

The wood smells of rich, deep flavors. Much like the hand-rolled Cubans that will soon fill the shelves.

Come take a tour.

Get a first-hand look.

Get a chance to smell the new mixed with the historic.

Get a chance to feel what it will be like to watch — and wager on — the best Thoroughbred races from around the world.

And, get a chance to see where our members and guests will be treated to some of the finest foods and beverages around.

Get a chance to be one of us.

Here’s a small sample of our latest looks:

(The floors to the LTS’ “Library” are now completely stained and varnished. They are just awaiting the furniture, which is scheduled to be shipped in next Monday. It will be ready for viewing.)

(TVs have been mounted in the LTS’ “Library,” now, as well. The room will soon be completed.)

(The floors to the LTS’ “Main Room” have now been stained and are getting their first of three coats of final varnish. These floors will be completely done by the middle of this week.)

(The premium “LTS Private Cigar Lockers” are now on location and are being installed. Members may be able to lease a locker for their private use. But here’s a warning. You had better act now. We only have limited quantities and they are going fast. Seriously.)

(The “Spanish Cedar” shelves for the LTS’ “Humidor” have been shipped in, as well. They will be installed over the next two weeks, and will be ready for the first shipment of premium leaf.)

(The LTS’ “Diner” is getting a subfloor of insulation. A final layer of concrete is scheduled to be poured for this room on Wednesday.)

(Final prep is underway for the brickwork on the Main Street entrance to the LTS’ Parking Garage.)

(The LTS’ “Cigar Pavilion” is now taking shape. It is the final piece of the massive construction puzzle that has come together at 209 East Main Street in downtown Louisville. Soon, it will be finished and the “Cuban-styled facility” will provide indoor/outdoor comfort for those that enjoy the pleasures of smoking a fine Cigar.)