Louisville Thoroughbred Society: Continues to Make Strides – The Pressbox

(Stylish fixtures that will help light the way to the LTS’ “Diner” have been installed in the hallway. Soon, the drywall will be doused with the final coats of paint and a new door will allow members and guests to access the facility.)

Editor’s Note:

The Louisville Thoroughbred Society continues to improve. Continues to make progress. Continues to get ready. Continues in the stretch run.


The brand new, stylish, state-of-the-art private club facility — which will cater to the premium Thoroughbred enthusiast and racing fan — is now in the final stages of completion and getting prepped for opening its’ doors.

Final plans for “private party” functions for members and guests are now under way. Call to find out how you can join us.

Final plans for more “sneak peek” previews are being organized and scheduled. Come take a look.

Final plans are under way to conduct a private “handicapping seminar” for the 146th running of the Kentucky Derby. Special guests — including some trainers who will have horses in this year’s “Run for the Roses” — are being lined up and commitments are being secured. Don’t miss this opportunity to chat privately with some of the game’s best and most notable trainers and riders.

Final plans continue.

If you have not joined the LTS yet, give us a call.

If you plan to join the LTS soon, give us a call.

If you want to see what the LTS will offer, give us a call.

We are continuing to get ready for you.

(The LTS’ “Main Entry” got a new coat of paint. Soon, some brilliant wallpaper will be added to the drywall that will help “dress up” the main entrance and greeting area to the club.)

(New equipment has been added to a “server prep” area.)

(A brilliant brass horse head will serve as a coat hanger in the women’s rest room facility)

(New, state-of-the-art HD television monitors have been added to the walls throughout the facility.)

(The LTS’ “Diner” is coming together quickly. The planters for the outdoor seating and dinning area have gone in. Shrubs and decorative flowers & grasses will be added upon completion. Drywall has been hung in the interior. Soon, the wooden “drop” ceiling and doorways will be completed.)

(The LTS’ “Conservatory” that will connect the “Main Room” to the “Terrace” is nearing completion, as well. Glass windows arrived on the premises Tuesday and will soon be installed to enclose the area. Drywall has been hung and the drop ceiling will soon be added, too. All the wiring and infrastructure is complete.)

(The LTS’ upscale, Cuban-styled “Cigar Pavilion” is coming along, as well. The concrete flooring is now ready to be poured. The facade is ready for the finishing touches. And, “Planters” have been erected in and around the area. Eventually, shrubs and green space will be added to block the smoke from the main “Terrace” free space and add a sense of enclosure.)

(Brick work continues on the outside of the adjacent parking garage, leading from the ground up to the LTS’ “Cigar Pavilion,” which overlooks Washington Street)

(The garage door — leading to Main Street — has been added and the new parking space is nearing completion.)

(The fire escape leading from the LTS’ “Terrace” to the ground level has been added and only needs final touches to be ready)

(The Main Street look at the Hughes Lofts and the LTS’ facility)

(The side look at the LTS’ “Conservatory” that will soon get doors, windows and final brick)

(The final touches to the brick is being completed)