Louisville Thoroughbred Society’s Decked-Out “Library:” Take a Look…Spectacular & Waiting For You – The Pressbox

(The LTS’ “Library” is nearly finished and ready for inspection. Temporary air conditioning units have been installed for your comfort.)

Editor’s Note:

About the only things that are missing now are the shelves, the books and the “barn door” that will separate The Louisville Thoroughbred Society’s “Library” and “Diner.”

Oh, yes.

There is one other thing missing.

Or “several” other things missing, to be sure.


Your family.

Your friends and neighbors.

As promised, the LTS’ “Library” is now fully furnished and ready for your visits and tours. If this does not impress you?

Well, just wait until we finish up the LTS’ “Humidor” later this week, and dress it up and out. If that does not impress you?

Wait until we get the 12 pari-mutuel machines installed later this month, and they are fully operational and you can sit, in style, and watch-wager on the best Thoroughbred racing that the world has to offer. If that does not impress you enough to join?

Well, just wait until my partner and great friend, Mike Schnell, stocks the “Cigar Bar” with some of his private stock, collector’s-only Bourbons — some that were distilled and bottled prior to Prohibition, itself. And wait until you belly up to his own bar, that required Mike to purchase a building on Market Street just to salvage the historic watering bench. If that does not impress you?

Wait until the LTS’ “Rooftop Bar” is open for business. A place you can dine and drink and enjoy the evening air with a posh of plush. On one end of the terrace will be the “Diner,” which will offer both indoor and outdoor dining accommodations. One the other end, next to Washington Street, you will be able to sit — either inside or out — at the LTS’ “Cigar Pavilion” — which will feature a “Cuban-styled decor.

And, if that does not impress you?

Well, just wait until you meet our staff, led by General Manager Mary Painter and our Director of Membership, Haylee Amoss. They are not only the best in the business, they are nice and professional, to boot.

We think all of it will impress you. In fact, we are willing to bet on it.

Come down. Take a visit. Spend some time with us.

We think you will be impressed.

I know we are.

(The LTS’ “Library” is now cleaned from pillar to post and has our best furnishings throughout the room.)

(We have tables set for you to dine with a business associate or friend, and we have sitting areas that will allow for comfort and conversation.)

(We spare no expense to make your experience the best. Ever.)

But that’s not all that is going on inside our building, located at the Hughes Lofts and 209 East Main Street. Not at all.

At the opposite end of the building, and near our Washington Street entrance, the LTS’ hand-built, state-of-the-art “Humidor” is now being installed. Soon, it will house some of the finest leaf in the world, rolled to perfection and ready for your purchase and enjoyment.

Already, we have seen a spike in interest. Of the 100 private, “Cigar Lockers” that we had built and are now being installed, as well, nearly half have already been leased by members.

Hot commodities are going fast. If you hope to have one, call today.

Here’s a look at the installation of the “Humidor:”

(The room, which will have its’ own point-of-sale island installed, will be both temperature and moisture controlled. All the shelving and other wood work is customer out of Spanish Cedar. Come take a look, and a smell. It’s gorgeous.)