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Madam Secretary – 2017 – CBS

The future of Elizabeth McCord (Téa Leoni) could change in the next episodes of Madam Secretary .

In the episode aired last Sunday, many people had encouraged Elizabeth McCord, Secretary of State, to run for president. A suggestion rejected by the character. But will Elizabeth McCord change her mind?

In an interview for EW magazine, Barbara Hall, creator and executive producer of the series, responded regarding the possibility of a presidential campaign for her heroine . She explains, “ I always thought that was a possibility that we were going to have to explore. “. And to clarify, “We are examining this possibility for Elizabeth McCord. “.

As to whether viewers will see the Secretary of State running for president this season, Barbara Hall replies, ” I think at the end of the season we’ll have a good idea of her interest in the matter, and we we will know if this is a path in which it intends to take. It’s a long journey, and we want to see what it means to her. “.

In the meantime, Madam Secretary will explore the relationship between Elizabeth McCord and Vice-President Teresa Hunt (Jan Maxwell), which will help to know if the latter sees Elizabeth as a threat, but also to have a better point of view on the desire of the character to run for president.

Source: EW