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Café Cubano – Our Signature Blend

Café Cubano is our signature blend. Made with premium, specialty grade coffee, we use our signature Latin style slow-roasting process to provide a distinctly bold cup, with a sweet flavor, and smooth finish. As a child in Nicaragua, Martin Mayorga spent time at cigar factories with his father interacting with Cuban cigar makers who had fled Castro’s government. He recalled the men playing dominos, talking about their plight upon leaving their home country, and drinking a distinctly dark and syrupy coffee. Later on when the Mayorga family moved to the U.S., Martin was able to appreciate first hand this rich coffee while spending time with Cuban immigrants in Miami.

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The Perfect Café Cubano Preparation:

Machine Espresso:

1:2.5 ratio | Grind Size: Espresso, Very Fine | Coffee Dose: 14g or 4 tbsp | Water Dose: 45ml or 1.5oz

Stove Top Espresso:

1:16 ratio | Grind Size: Fine | Coffee Dose: 22g or 6 tbsp | Water Dose: 350g or 12oz

Drip Coffee Maker:

1:21 ratio | Grind Size: Medium | Coffee Dose: 11g or 2.5 Tbsp | Water Dose: 240ml water or 8oz

Pour Over:

1:17 ratio | Grind Size: Medium Fine | Coffee Dose: 14g or 4 tbsp | Water Dose: 240ml or 8oz

sourcing principles, quality, environment, traceability, fair, collaborationsourcing principles, quality, environment, traceability, fair, collaboration

Sourcing Principles

Farmer » Mill » Roaster » You – and no one else in between.

We build direct, long-term relationships with small farmers and cooperatives that focus on organic, shade-grown, high-quality, specialty coffees.

Our efficient, forward-thinking direct supply chain allows us to support our farmers via access to better financing, cost management, and crop diversification. This ensures you’re getting flavorful, smooth coffee, while paying what is fair to you. It also ensures that farmers are treated equitably and are paid fairly, rewarding them for their hard work.

What Makes Mayorga Organics the Best?

Our Purpose

Our Purpose



our origin

our origin

Our Purpose

We don’t just source and sell artisanal organic products. We exist and operate with the purpose of eliminating systemic poverty in rural Latin America through responsible trade.

We have dedicated our lives to creating a sustainable business model that puts farmers first as we believe that healthy farming communities will produce better quality products that ultimately will benefit our valued customers.


In a world of mass automation, we roast all of our coffees manually, batch by batch, using our senses and math to guide us in roasting a great quality coffee.

We roast on two twin Probat G120’s, a Diedrich CR25, and San Franciscan SF-25. Superior quality is maintained by following a specific roast profile for each coffee. For our coffees we focus on balance, roasting in a style that provides a good body, sweet cup, with a smooth finish.

Our Origins

Martin Mayorga started importing coffee to support small farmers in 1995, and began roasting in 1997. Since then, the company has seen exciting growth. As we spent more and more time at farms and with coffee farming communities, we saw the impact constant spraying of chemicals had on the environment. Year after year, soil became less nutrient-dense and more fertilizers and pesticides were required. If we wanted to be good partners to those that we seek to support, we needed to only source organic products that are sustainable for now and the future, minimizing environmental impact.

Distinctive flavor from our signature Latin, slow-roasting process using state-of-the-art machinery
100% USDA Organic, Non GMO Verified, Shade-Grown, Arabica, Direct-Trade
Consciously sourced from quality-inspected, certified organic small farmers in Latin America
Try Mayorga Risk-Free: Buy Now, and if you don’t love our coffee, Amazon will happily refund your order

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