Mombacho Cosecha 2015 Now Shipping – halfwheel –

The newest installment in Mombacho’s top line, the Cosecha 2015, is now shipping and is scheduled to be available on July 1.

The Cosecha series was launched in 2017 as a project that would exclusively feature Nicaraguan tobacco from a single year’s crop, something that president and master blend Claudio Sgroi called “a project of historic magnitude.” That first cigar would be the Cosecha 2012, meaning that the tobacco came from the 2012 harvest year.

Since that initial release, Mombacho has made the Cosecha series an annual release, with Cosecha 2013 coming out in 2018, Cosecha 2014 in 2019, and now Cosecha 2015 set to be released. All of those cigars were rolled several years ago and have been resting at Casa Favilli, the company’s factory, in Grenada, Nicaragua ever since.

Like its predecessors, the Cosecha 2015 is a 6 x 52 toro that is offered in 10-count boxes. The most recent version is priced at $29.95 per cigar, before taxes.

It’s also an extremely limited edition, with just 430 boxes of 10 cigars produced in total.

The word cosecha refers to a specific harvest in the agricultural world, and is well known for being used by the Cuban cigar industry in its Reserva and Gran Reserva releases.

“When accessing the potential for any new Cosecha vintage, I first determine the conditions, yields and specific qualities of that years tobacco crop in Nicaragua,” Sgroi said in a press release. “In 2015, I discovered an excellent and Cosecha worthy crop, albeit with a stronger tobacco than recent years, so I identified and worked with these characteristic allowing for the strongest Cosecha Vintage in history,” he added.

He went onto say that he achieved the balance between strength, smoothness and flavor by adjusting the amount to Jalapa-grown tobaccos in the blend.

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