Monday Roundup: Another One Coming? World GR Medal Numbers; BUL Camp – Five Point Move

There are plans for at least one more Senior Greco-Roman camp this summer for American athletes. The original idea was for Colorado as the next location, which still could be the case. However, Utah (as in Utah Valley) is again popping up on the radar.

Thus far, US Greco wrestlers have been able to participate in three organized (but not officially sanctioned) training opportunities. The first arrived in June at the Oklahoma Regional Training Center. That camp was run by OKRTC’s Eric Guerrero and Illinois RTC head Bryan Medlin. Last month, Ivan Ivanov opened the doors to his Suples Headquarters in Boise, Idaho; and shortly thereafter, Zac Dominguez did the same at MWC in Nebraska. Nebraska has been the largest gathering to date with nearly 20 Seniors checking in for the five-day camp.

Military athletes are still not cleared for contact practices, meaning top competitors from Army/WCAP and the All-Marine Team have been unable to attend any of the first three camps. Unless something changes soon, they will be missing out yet again (with a Nationals/potential World Championships qualifier scheduled for the second week of October).

Greco-Roman World Medals By Nation

The Japan Wrestling Federation normally does a very good job with their content plan but they have really been knocking it out of the park throughout the pandemic, showcasing plenty of articles involving various stats, (Greco) athlete profiles, and stories surrounding training circumstances. Today Japan unveiled another by-the-numbers type of piece, this time focusing on World medals earned by nations dating back to 1950.

As most might suspect, the former Soviet Union holds the #1 spot with a total of 211 World medals (132 gold). From then on, Japan’s list skews in terms of totals because it ranks nations according to golds in descending order, not overall medals. For example, the list puts the Russian Federation at #2 since RUS owns 44 golds, but 92 medals — less than both Bulgaria and Hungary. Japan is listed at #15 with 24 medals, but since they have six golds, they are ranked over the United States which is listed at #19 with 32 medals (five golds).

Below is the (uncorrected) graphic as rendered on Japan’s official domain.

greco-roman world medals by nation

Greco-Roman World Medals By Nation: Number of golds in descending order. (Image: Japan Wrestling Federation)

Here is the adjusted top-20 (# of total medals in bold followed by golds).

  1. USSR (211, 132)
  2. Bulgaria (116, 34)
  3. Hungary (98, 27)
  4. Russia (92, 44)
  5. Turkey (90, 24)
  6. Romania (65, 14)
  7. Sweden (62, 19)
  8. Poland (57, 11)
  9. Cuba (51, 18)
  10. Korea (39, 10)
  11. Yugoslavia (38, 5)
  12. Finland (33, 7)
  13. USA (32, 5)
  14. Kazakhstan (26, 5)
  15. Armenia (25, 7)
  16. Japan (24, 6)
  17. Azerbaijan (24, 6)
  18. West Germany (24, 3)
  19. Georgia (23, 6)
  20. Ukraine (20, 4)

Bulgaria with Second National Team Camp

Bulgaria was the first country to hold a National camp, which occurred back in May, and now they are at it again. The town of Teteven serves as the site of their second official mass training experience that began earlier today — and stretches all the way until August 28.

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