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S.T. Dupont Teams Up with Habanos for New Cohiba Accessories
Photos/S.T. Dupont

The S.T. Dupont Behike Thematic Edition features a black lacquer humidor, cufflinks, a Le Grand lighter and a double-guillotine cutter.

One of the most famous Cuban cigar brands in the world has a new collection of high-end accessories to its name. French luxury goods maker S.T. Dupont has teamed up with Habanos S.A., the worldwide distribution company for Cuban cigars, to create two new sets of Cohiba-branded cigar tools. The collections include eye-catching lighters, cutters, humidors, a double cigar case—even a pair of cufflinks. The first set, called S.T. Dupont Cohiba Thematic Edition, debuted earlier this month. The second and more expensive collection, called S.T. Dupont Behike Thematic Edition, is slated to launch later this week.

Like Cuban cigars and rum, both Cohiba-branded collections will not be sold in the United States. They will only be available for purchase outside the U.S., at high-end retailers around the globe.

Cohiba Accessories

Photo/House of Grauer

S.T. Dupont Cohiba Thematic Edition debuted on September 3rd with a worldwide launch party at House of Grauer, a cigar shop in Geneva, Switzerland. The Cohiba collection includes five items: A classic, soft-flame Ligne 2 lighter, a modern Le Grand S.T. Dupont lighter (capable of producing two soft flames or one towering blue torch flame), a two-finger cigar case, a double-guillotine Maxijet cutter and a 50-count cigar humidor.

Each item is adorned with Cohiba’s famous logo and color scheme.

Both the Ligne 2 and Le Grand lighters are ornamented with engraved S.T. Dupont logos, black, white and yellow natural lacquers and yellow gold finishes. The Ligne 2 retails for 1,090 euros ($1,272), the Le Grand for 1,290 euros ($1,505).

The Double Cigar Case is capable of holding two cigars up to 60-ring gauge. The adjustable leather case features a debossed black square pattern over a yellow bottom segment. An embossed yellow gold Taíno Indian head sits in the center of the case. It retails for 180 euros ($210).

The double-bladed Cohiba Maxijet cutter is priced at 140 euros ($163).

Cohiba Accessories

The collection is completed by a cigar humidor capable of holding up to 50 cigars. Black natural lacquer coats the outside, with the Cohiba motif displayed prominently on the lid. The interior of the humidor is lined with Okoume wood (rather than Spanish Cedar) and includes a digital hygrometer, wooden inserts for two Boveda 60 gram humidor packs, a vertical divider and a slatted wood interior designed to improve air circulation. The humidor retails for 550 euros ($642).

All the Cohiba Thematic Edition accessories are on sale now.

Later this week, an even pricier assortment of S.T. Dupont accessories comes to market. Launching on October 1st, the S.T. Dupont Behike Thematic Edition is inspired by Cohiba Behike, an offshoot of the original Cohiba cigar line that debuted in 2010 and has become one of the most expensive and sought after Cuban cigars. The brand is considered by many connoisseurs to be the crown jewel of Havanas.

Cohiba Accessories

Photo/House of Grauer

The Behike collection consists of four items: A Le Grand S.T. Dupont lighter, double guillotine cigar cutter, 50-count humidor and cufflinks. The Behike Le Grand has the same multi-flame capabilities as the regular Le Grand S.T. Dupont, but it’s adorned with Cohiba Behike’s classic black, white and gold color scheme. The lighter features an engraved S.T. Dupont logo, a black and white natural lacquer exterior with yellow gold finishes and the brand’s Taíno Indian head logo. The luxury piece is priced at 1,390 euros ($1,629).

The collection is complemented by a double-blade guillotine cutter made with steel blades, black lacquer Behike motif and PVD gold finishes (priced at 240 euros, about $281), a black lacquer humidor with Behike motif (priced the same as the Cohiba humidor from the previous collection) and a pair of elegant cufflinks. The cufflinks are emblazoned with a yellow gold Taíno indian head logo in a circle of black lacquer. S.T. Dupont engravings adorn the feet. The cufflinks are priced at 350 euros ($410).

The release of the Cohiba Thematic Edition and Behike Thematic Edition marks the third time that S.T. Dupont has collaborated with Habanos for a Cohiba collection. The first S.T. Dupont Cohiba accessories debuted in 1992, and consisted of a Ligne 2 lighter and single-blade guillotine cutter. The second collection, consisting of a Ligne 2 lighter and a Gatsby lighter, launched in 2003.