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Pre-rolls are some of the most popular items sold in dispensaries, as the convenience just can’t be beat. Travelers might not have their rolling gear on hand, and many smokers are not well-versed in the art of rolling. Whatever the case, pre-rolls can provide you with some potent bud without any of the hassle.

Best 10 Pre-Roll Brands

Lately, some cannabis companies have been taking the idea of a pre-roll to new levels. Some brands are modeling their rolls after the image of premium cigars, while others are implementing more modern twists. Today, we will take a look at 10 pre-rolls from some of the dankest brands in cannabis in 2021. 

1. Cuba Libre Cannagars – Fan Leaf Cannarillo

Cuba Libre cannagars invoke the classic idea of Cuban cigars. This time, however, the tobacco is substituted for 2 grams of exotic cannabis. Their premium line, the Fan Leaf Cannarillo, is wrapped in cured cannabis fan leaves. This results in a truly classy smoking experience. Cuba Libre’s products are available all over the Golden State, including in San Diego, Los Angeles, the Bay Area, and Humboldt County. 

2. Plain Jane CBD Prerolls

Plain Jane has been working to bring affordable, high-quality CBD products to people in the United States. They work with small family farms, mostly in Oregon, that produce some of the best CBD flower. They craft their CBD buds into pre-rolls, topicals, and concentrates. One of their premium options is this King Palm Mini CBD Blunt Sampler. They load some of their best CBD strains into slow-burning King Palm leaf cones. The result is a heavy-hitting smoke that provides a relaxed feeling without any psychoactive effects. Strains include Blueberry Diesel, Golden Cherry, and Sour Space Candy.

3. Napalm Cannabis Co. – The Grenade

Napalm’s flagship product, the Grenade, is one of the hardest-hitting pre-rolls on our list. These bad boys are rolled in an XXL live resin-infused rolling paper with 7 grams of premium cannabis flower. You read that right. Seven. Grams. To top it off, there is 1 gram of live resin added to the flower, for a total of 8 grams of cannabis content. That’s practically unheard of for a single pre-roll. The whole thing is provided in a grenade-shaped container for the added dramatic effect. Napalm’s one-of-a-kind rolls can be found up and down the state of California.

4. Packwoods – The Classic Blunt

If you enjoy a finely-rolled blunt, Packwoods will be your new go-to brand. Their “Classic” Packwood Blunt features 2 grams of premium cannabis and rolled in a tobacco-free wrap with a glass filter tip. But they don’t stop there. The roll is then infused with high-potency cannabis concentrate before being dusted in kief. Any cannabis connoisseur would be proud to smoke these, and they are perfect for a group smoke sesh.

In addition, they offer mini packs of standard blunts (without the decadent concentrate and kief mixture) and a roll-your-own pack, consisting of 3 glass filter tips, 3 wraps, and 3.5 grams of cannabis flower. These are some of the most potent pre-rolls you’ll find on our list.

5. Lowell Farms – Individual Full Gram Pre-roll

Available in over 350 dispensaries around California, Lowell Herb Co. is one of the most popular cannabis companies in the Golden State (and for good reason). Their 8-packs of pre-rolls put them on the map, as they incorporate retro-styled packaging and matches for an old-fashioned experience. They incorporated this same quality into their Individual Full Gram Pre-rolls. They only use the finest buds for these rolls – no trim or shake. The rolls feature exotic strains that routinely test at over 20% THC, including Magic Melon, Purple Banana, and Gelato #33. Combine that with classy packaging and you’ve got yourself one of the dankest pre-rolls in 2021.

6. Albert Einstone – El Blunto Cannagar

Albert Einstone took cues from fine cigar companies of years past when designing their premium pre-roll, the El Blunto. These deluxe cannabis cigars contain 1.75 grams of hand-ground top-shelf cannabis. The flower is rolled into a tobacco-free all-natural hemp wrap before being outfitted with a custom glass filter tip.

After being cured for 72 hours, the premium roll is sealed away in a glass tube until you’re ready to enjoy it. Puffing on an El Blunto is a deluxe experience that is best shared with some good friends. The cannagars can be found around California.

7. Ganja Gold – King Tarantula

Ganja Gold has a wide variety of hard-hitting pre-rolls, but their claim to fame is the King Tarantula. This hefty roll starts with artisanal, award-winning indoor cannabis flower. A full 2 grams are stuffed into a Raw Emperado hemp paper cone (an eight-inch-long beast of a rolling paper). Then, the roll is coated with cannabis distillate tested at over 90% THC. A sprinkle of kief adds the final layer to this lavish joint. Ganja Gold’s Tarantula line of pre-rolls is available at hundreds of dispensaries around California.

8. Artisan Canna Cigars

Artisan Canna Cigars has been perfecting their namesake product for years while other brands try to catch up. Their original product, the Canna Cigar, is a handcrafted delight. To create the roll, Artisan starts by compressing cannabis flower nugs around a wooden dowel. Then, the solidified buds are wrapped with all-natural cannabis leaves and cured over 4 weeks. When the wooden dowel is removed and the cigar is lit, the result is the slowest-burning of pre-rolls that can be smoked with a large group of friends. The standard size holds 3 grams of flower, but they also provide a supersized 6-gram Canna Cigar. Artisan Canna Cigars are available in California and Washington State.

9. Nasha – Hash-Infused Pre-rolls

Nasha’s Hash-Infused Pre-rolls are a force to be reckoned with. Coming in two varieties, “Submerge” and “Altitude,” these rolls take pride in using cannabis flower from the legendary Humboldt Valley in Northern California. In addition, they add a dose of in-house made cold-water hash that gives the pre-rolls their extra power. The Submerge variety inspires “bliss, contemplation, rest, and relaxation,” while the Altitude variety promotes “creativity, contemplation, euphoria, and relaxation.” Either way, these pre-rolls will pack a punch. Nasha’s Hash-Infused Pre-rolls can be found at dispensaries across the Golden State.

10. BeMore Blunts

BeMore Blunt made improvements on the classic blunt with their extreme standards of quality. They hand roll over 2,000 blunts per day in Oakland, CA, each one packed with the utmost care and the best buds. They are adamant about their use of only the highest quality nugs and never resort to using shake or trim. Many of their rolls test at over 30% THC, which means they are using some of the best cannabis you can find. They are based in the Bay Area, so check them out next time you’re in the area.

Bonus: Best Pre Rolled Cones To Craft Your Own Pre-rolls

We aren’t all lucky enough to live near a dispensary and have our joints rolled for us. If you are rolling your own, the process is much quicker with the aid of pre-rolled cones. We collected our favorite pre-rolled cones in 2021 to make your life easier.

1. King Palm

If you prefer to craft your own pre-rolls, King Palm Pre-Rolled Cones are a great way to start. King Palm does things a little differently than most. Their signature product is a pre-rolled cone crafted from Cordia palm tree leaves. Each leaf cone is hand-rolled without the use of glues or dyes. The effects are similar to a blunt but without the added tobacco. Each pack includes a bamboo packing stick, so you can pack down your herb for a slow burn.

More dispensaries should offer cannabis-filled King Palm pre-rolls, as they are the perfect vessel for a luxurious, heavy-hitting smoking experience.

2. Raw

Most of the pre-rolls that you find at dispensaries are wrapped in Raw papers. They are the standard in the hemp-based rolling paper world and loved by smokers worldwide. Their standard sized pre-rolled cones make for convenient joint packing. They include paper poking sticks and the cardboard box that they are sold with can be used to transport your pre-roll creations.

If “standard size” isn’t your style, they employ the same manufacturing techniques in bigger and better pre-rolled cones. Raw’s Emperador Cones are 8 inches long and great for parties. Their Challenge Cones are a comical two feet long and can probably smoke out an entire village.

3. Zig Zag

Zig-Zag are another classic brand of rolling paper. They have also made the foray into pre-rolled cones, creating a cone of their standard white rolling papers that have been in production for over a century. The cones are sold in packs of six and include a crush-proof box to hold your joints.