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The Best Cigar Gifts for Cigar Smokers in 2020 – Robb Report

Fonseca Photo: Courtesy of Fonseca

There’s a reason why more cigars and related accessories are sold during the holidays than at any other time of the year. After all, this is the season for giving and sharing, and there are few things that say “comfort and joy” better than a box of premium cigars—even if many tobacco stores and smoking lounges are still shut down due to the coronavirus, while others are imposing masks between puffs and six-foot distancing between smokers, neither of which evokes camaraderie. But to paraphrase Freud, “A good cigar is always a good cigar,” no matter where it is enjoyed.

In addition, cigar smokers and makers have another reason to rejoice this year, as the FDA—which regulates all tobacco products in the United States—has temporarily eased regulations allowing for new brands to be introduced Stateside. You may not have heard as much about them yet because Covid-19 cancelled the annual trade show where most of these cigars are premiered. But have no fear; we have picked out 13 of the best cigars and accessories to brighten someone’s holidays. So sit back, light up and enjoy the season, Covid-19 be damned!