The Bond Roberts 25 Index: Measuring Cuban Cigars’ Investment Potential – Cigar Journal

Online Cuban cigar auction platform has released the first instalment of the quarterly Bond Roberts 25 Index (BR25), a new quarterly metric which measures the auction performance of 25 regular production Cuban cigars over a five-year period, with base prices determined by the original Cuban retail pricing for the 25 regular production cigars selected. Future BR25 releases will include features on Limited Edition and Regional Edition cigars.

According to Bond Roberts, it is now possible to accurately evaluate Cuban cigar stock and use the BR25 Index to inform future purchases. Using auction data from’s 2500 auction results, the first BR25 instalment lists the Behike 54 as the top performer with a 199.25% value increase. The Por Larrañaga Montecarlo is the second top performer with a 181.16% value increase and the La Gloria Cubana Medallie d’Or No. 4 is the third top performer with a 178.17% value increase. The top five cigars have a minimum 100% value increase.


“The global short supply of new Behike stock has resulted in a secondary market price boom that is reflected here in the Behike 54,” said Bond Roberts Co-Founder Robert Ayala. “Privately held stocks are tightly held with little coming to market. This certainly provides an opportunity to the discerning seller who believes the timing is right to offload Behike boxes (54 or otherwise) while new box supply is little to non-existent.”

“The two Por Larrañaga entries in the top 10 is reflective of their value proposition,” said Bond Roberts’ Co-Founder Rob Fox. “The brand is a renowned for its aging characteristics and the market appears prepared to pay a significant premium to those who have undertaken the aging process for them.”