These Bottles Of Whiskey Cost $2 Million Each. Here’s Why – Mashed

There would have to be some pretty incredible stuff in each of those boxes to make them worth spending millions on, right? That’s why every component is meticulously designed and crafted entirely by hand, from the boxes that the goods are in to every piece of gold and diamond waiting inside them (yes, actual gold and diamond, and a lot of it).

On the outside of each dark walnut box is a uniquely-designed, gold-etched geometric illustration honoring the seven mythical Irish sites. In classic FabergĂ© style, the box’s opening is egg-shaped and decorated with cabochon emeralds. After opening the box, you’ll find two bottles of the distillery’s 30-year-old single malt Irish whiskey. In case the age of the alcohol isn’t impressive enough, it “was matured in first-fill American casks, then finished in a rare Pedro Ximenez sherry barrel,” (via Robb Report).

In addition to the ultra-rare whiskey, you’ll be getting a first-of-its-kind glass Celtic Egg from FabergĂ©, which is “adorned with gold tessellations and emerald cabochon.” (Depending on which box you get, you could receive one of several different precious gemstones.) Each egg is handcrafted from 18-karat yellow gold and set with 104 brilliant-cut diamonds.