[UPDATE 2:22 pm] Hundreds Join Trump Train Leaving Fortuna Headed to McKinleyville – Redheaded Blackbelt

Trump supporters gather in Fortuna. [Video and photos by Ryan Hutson]

Hundreds of Trump supporters gathered in Fortuna today before 1:30 p.m. and began a caravan north on Hwy 101. The Trump Train, as some call it, is planned to pass through Eureka about 2 p.m. and headed to McKinleyville where we understand the plan is to loop back towards Fortuna.

There is a small counter protest at the north end of Fortuna.

Here is live video from Redheaded Blackbelt’s Facebook as the Trump Train passes through South Fortuna Blvd.

More videos and photos from the scene:

UPDATE 2:22 p.m.: Trump Train passing through Eureka on Broadway at 2:15 p.m.

[Image from Caltrans Traffic Cam]

[Image from Caltrans Traffic Cam]