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What's a Cuban Cigar Factory Name?
Photo/José Goitia

The old Partagás cigar factory in Havana.

Cuban cigar sizes are called vitolas, and each cigar has two: the vitola de salida, the market name found on a cigar box that just about every cigar smoker is familiar with, and the vitola de galera, the somewhat obscure counterpart used in cigar factories.

Most of the factory names are quite unlike their market names. Here’s a look:

Cuban Cigar Factory Names

Market Name Dimensions Factory Name
Tres Petit Corona 4 inches by 40 ring gauge Perla
Panetela 4 1/2 by 26 Laguito No. 3
Petit Corona 5 1/8 by 42 Mareva
Lonsdale 6 1/2 by 42 Cervantes
8-9-8 6 3/4 by 43 Dalia
Tropicales 6 7/8 by 54 Flautas
Churchill 7 by 47 Julieta No. 2
Lancero 7 1/2 by 38 Laguito No. 1
Double Corona 7 5/8 by 49 Prominente
Casildas 7 1/4 by 53 Sobresalientes No. 2

A few cigars, such as robustos and coronas, have identical factory and market names.