World’s Longest Cuban Cigar – Havana, Cuba – Atlas Obscura

The world’s longest Cuban cigar is tucked within a semi-secret exhibit inside the Morro Castle Historic Park. The enormous, hand-rolled item is the work of master cigar roller Jose Castelar Cairo, locally known as “Cueto.”

Cueto is no ordinary cigar roller—before creating this behemoth of a smoke, the Cuban master had set four previous world records. His first attempt was in April of 2001 with a cigar measuring about 36 feet. In May of 2003, he rolled a roughly 49-foot-long cigar, followed by about a 70-foot record in April of 2005.

Cueto became a living legend in Havana, Cuba. On May 3, 2011 he rolled set a Guinness World Record recorded with a monster cigar measuring 268 feet. As if that was not long enough, Cueto decided to break his own record in 2016 by rolling a colossal, roughly 295-foot “Habano,” which he dedicated to Fidel Castro

It’s quite hard to comprehend the length of the cigar when you enter the room it’s held within. A very realistic wax statue of Cueto is also displayed and accessible to all for pictures at the cigar shop next to the exhibit.